Why You Need New Business Cards Now!

Not everything about marketing your business should happen online. Make time and grab any opportunity to network locally. Whenever possible don’t let these opportunities pass without showing up!

Maybe not a secret, but I’m an introvert and these events can be taxing emotionally and mentally. That said, I have found there are things that can make these events less draining.

My business model is constantly evolving because I wear many hats, web designer, SEO consultant, graphic designer, etc. But this is what I recommend for every businessperson.

  • Practice your elevator speech until you can do it in your sleep. Before or after you spill everything, you can about your business in less than one minute be prepared to hand your victim your newly updated business card.
  • Don’t tell me you have enough in the office to last you the lifetime of your business. Throw them away! New cards are not that expensive and are a huge investment in your business’s future.

After your elevator speech and a bit of small talk hand them a business card that will not just introduce you, but surprise them with its clean design and a QR code that will take them right to your business website or social media platform of choice! Make it a card that won’t easily be tossed or shredded. I designer marketing acquaintance of mine has these suggestions for updating your card.

  1. Add a photo of yourself to one or both sides. Often I get cards and drop them in a bowl on my desk and 4 weeks later, have no idea who gave it to me. Adding your photo makes you memorable!
  2. Make the orientation of one side vertical and one side horizontal. That quirky little adjustment forces folks to spend an extra second to flip the card the right way – more time looking at your card.
  3. Add a QR code to an opt-in offer on your website or the home page of your website. People have finally caught on to these! To make your square QR code go to https://qr-code-generator.com/ or Canva. If you’d like a round QR code go to Flowcode. All have easy free generators.
  4. Put as little text as possible. Just add your contact information and maybe a phrase that makes people think “what’s this?” – The goal is to get people to pay just a little bit more attention to your card.
  5. Give yourself at least two weeks to get your cards after you’ve submitted your design for approval.
  6. Google for PROMO codes. You can find 20% PROMO for most online printing websites

My favorites for business cards are Moo.com and Vistaprints.com.

Remember, give yourself two weeks for delivery and be pleasantly surprised when they arrive in a week!