If you’re anything like me, you’re passionate about your business and you want to make a real impact in your community! You can’t do that without rising above the noise, shouting your message from the digital mountaintops and making some money, too! If you’re not there yet, and this is how you feel, we should talk.

You need to know that I am highly collaborative. It usually starts with a phone call or email and we meet over a cup of coffee. You talk, I listen. Then if we determine we can work together, and the work you want and need is something I can do, I will send you a contract for the work to be performed and pricing. I can do this because my focus is helping Cass County Michigan’s  local professionals, business owners, and non-profits get found online, and serve the people they need to connect with!

So, whether you have a brick and mortar storefront, you provide professional services to our community, you sell online products, you’re healing people with food, fitness, mental or spiritual health, or you’re using your crazy creative skills for cooking, interior design or gardening to make the world a better place, your purpose is contagious, and you are my people!


  • No Website? If you don’t have a website you are NOT serious about your business. I mean…how do you expect your customers to find you?
  • Using Facebook instead of a website to attract new customers? Please read “Why Facebook Does Not Replace Websites.”
  • Have a website but not proud of it?
  • Your website isn’t mobile-responsive. Is it nearly impossible to read and navigate on mobile devices?
  • Not getting found online?
  • Getting found online, but not a lot of sales?
  • Need help promoting your services and products in the ever-changing digital marketplace?
  • Do you know if Google is indexing your website?
  • Not sure how to communicate with web designers and feel intimidated by techies?

If you identify with any of these, I am here to help you fix your website problems and move it forward without judgment!


Complete the form on my contact page and tell me as much as you can about what your business.