WordPress Training

Frankly, there are thousands of WordPress training videos and how-to websites devoted to WordPress training, and people who make a living doing nothing but training people to build and manage WordPress websites. I’m not here to reinvent that wheel.

I’m here to save you hours and maybe days of time surfing the internet for what you need to know to set up a website and to keep your website up-to-date. I teach local business owners and their employees to quickly master the weekly tasks that will keep your website “Google-friendly” and highly searchable. This one-on-one time is broken up into several sessions. You will learn how to:


  1.  access and navigate the WordPress Admin panel,
  2. edit web page text,
  3. upload and place media files such as images, videos, and PDFs,
  4. create and post sales specials, blogs, and news articles,
  5. add metadata to your pages so search engines will index and know what your pages are about,
  6. basic search optimization that will help your customers find you, and
  7. claim your business in “Google My Business.”

Want to learn to manage your WordPress website?