You have a website but it’s just not converting visitors into customers and you’re not sure why. Maybe you don’t know how many people visit your website each month. If this is you, a professional’s eye can assess what’s not working on your website before jumping into a full-blown website redesign. I offer a website review that will help you get clarity and give you some next steps that can get you closer to your online marketing goals.

A website review is recommended for you business owners who want to take your website to the next level, but you’re not sure what to do next, or how to do it. Prior to reviewing your website, I’ll ask you to complete a “review questionnaire” that will help me understand your unique business niche, target market, and business website goals. And, hopefully, give you a bit more clarity on who your target customers are, and how they search for your products and services. Based on your responses I will custom-tailor a review with actionable recommendations for your website…with no commitment moving forward.


  • Current website traffic
  • How your website stacks up against your competition
  • How well your web page content is optimized for search
  • How your target market searches for your products or services
  • Suggestions for improving all of the above

Price of a website review: $199


Tell me about your business and your website. I’ll take a look and give you easy, actionable recommendations to fix what’s not working.