Recent Work

Cass Kickstart to Careers

The Cass Kickstart to Careers Program supports the promotion and creation of Children’s Savings Accounts (CSA) with additional incentives to grow these accounts through the student’s elementary and secondary education. Cass Kickstart supports and improves financial literacy in the students and their families, leading to improved prosperity in the future.

Services included website design, implementation of online donations, and organic search positioning.

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Cass County Michigan Courts website designed by Laurel Ward, Diamond eVentures

Cass County Courts is a recently completed project. Top-level pages include Friend of the Court, Probate Court, Circuit Court, and District Court. Planning and execution involved many hours of collaboration with court administrators and Cass County judges.

Services included the Court’s first new website design, maintenance training, and organic SEO positioning.

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.Diamond eVentures web design client, Cass Family Clinic, Cass County, MI

Cassopolis Family Clinic Network has been in the business of serving Cass County, Michigan residents since 1958, and a client since 2015. In late 2019, we collaborated on an entirely new website that reflects both where they’ve been and their future with the opening of a second clinic in Cass County. The new site is highly optimized for mobile as 82% of their customers access the website with mobile devices.

Since 2014 services have included website design, upgrades and redesign, maintenance training, and organic SEO positioning.

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Loux & Hayden Realty, Website Redesign by Diamond eVentures, Cass County, MI

has been in business since 1982. With 50+ years of real estate experience, they weren’t being found for the luxury waterfront properties they sell. We started with a logo redesign and a redesigned responsive website with property search features similar to Zillow. We then added organic SEO and training so in-house staff can maintain and update real estate listings. We’ve got their back for the heavy changes and future upgrades.

Since 2016 services have included a logo redesign, website redesign, maintenance training, and SEO positioning.

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The Studebaker Electric Fountain

The Studebaker Electric Fountain is a local treasure restored to the South Bend community through the efforts of many volunteers and fundraising.

Services included a complete website redesign, addition of photo galleries, addition of a donation gateway, and organic SEO positioning.

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Cass County Michigan CASACASA is a highly-visible non-profit in Cass County and has been a client since 2012. Through many iterations of their website, we have worked to increase their visibility while adhering to CASA’s strict national marketing guidelines.

Services have included web design, SEO copywriting and positioning, and the creation of digital and print media for fundraising events throughout the year.

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