Armed with a marketing degree from Michigan State and an IT degree from DeVry, I have been able to help non-techie entrepreneurs, professionals, and non-profits create websites that reflect their brand and attract their dream customers. I’ve been designing websites since 2001, and WordPress websites, exclusively, for the last 8 years, as Diamond eVentures. Diamond because I live on Diamond Lake and eVentures because that’s what it’s been…much more than just building websites! I’m a web designer first, but with a strategist’s mind for online marketing. A life-long learner, I’m constantly honing my skills as a WordPress Web Designer/Developer, and SEO Copywriter, while staying on top of the latest changes in the world of search…everything Google! I truly believe in collaboration over competition and always look forward to meetups with like-minded people in my field. Ask me anything. I’m an open book when it comes to sharing what I know and love.

Every time I meet someone who asks me to help them with something as small as a business card logo or as large as a full-scale overhaul and re-branding of their website, the wheels start turning! People come to me at all stages of their business. So, no matter what stage you are at, I can help you make the impact you want with your website. For me, it’s all about bringing businesses together with their customers!

I believe…in “Shopping Local First” because dollars spent in our community, stay in our community, creating jobs and economic growth for everyone!

My eyes were opened wide to the benefits of shopping local when I served for a couple of years on the SHOLO board, a shop local initiative in St. Joseph County, Indiana. This is why most of my work these days is for local businesses, government agencies, professionals, and non-profits in Cass County. And, the work I do for non-profits is one way I give back to my community.

In my personal time…I’m a wife, mom, grandmother, and have a soft spot in my heart for the neighborhood Feral Tabbies. I totally support catch, spay/neuter, and release…13 to date!

I’m also blessed to live at Diamond Lake, the largest, most beautiful, spring-fed lake in southwestern lower Michigan, where my husband and I love to share our little slice of paradise with family and friends all the seasons of the year!