Connecting local business owners, professionals, non-profits, and government organizations with their people.

About me

Bringing people together who need and support each other is what I do best, in a digital way of course!  In 2002, I added an IT degree to my marketing degree from Michigan State University. Since then, I’ve used my web design, and SEO skills to connect local business owners, non-profits, professionals, and government organizations with their community.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a  non-techie type, you can do this and I can show you how to get results with proven website analytics. I work one-on-one, or with your team. I want you to sleep nights knowing you are moving forward with your online digital presence.

My Mission is Local.

When I say local, I mean Cass County Michigan. I’m not trying to do business across the world. I’ve lived and worked in Cass County Michigan a long time and follow local initiatives that affect your business and our communities. I’m a member of several Chambers of Commerce which helps me keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in our business communities.

I believe in “Shopping Local First” because dollars spent in our community, stay in our community, creating jobs and economic growth for everyone! My eyes were opened wide to the benefits of shopping local when I served on the SHOLO board, a shop local initiative in St. Joseph County, Indiana. This is why all my work now is for local businesses, government organizations, professionals, and non-profits in Cass County, and maybe a little beyond, but definitely Michiana-based.

Not the Lone Ranger!

I learned a long time ago that no one can be an expert in all things digital. That’s why I’m deeply connected and collaborate often with local entrepreneurs who provide IT security, advanced programming skills, graphic design, and search optimization services beyond the scope of my skill set. I rely on and consider myself fortunate to know some of the best and most talented locals for these services!

What you need to know is that if and when you need services beyond the scope of what I can offer, I will suggest we talk and engage the services of my friends and fellow digital space workers.

Getting Personal

I’m a wife, mom, and grandmother and I know one thing for sure. I am blessed to live on Diamond Lake, the largest, most beautiful, clear, clean, spring-fed lake in southwestern Michigan, where my husband and I enjoy entertaining and sharing our little slice of paradise with family and friends all the seasons of the year!

Now that you know a little about me, tell me about you and how I might help with your digital marketing efforts. Contact me.


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